An Aussie How Became A Hero Overnight

QUEENSLAND has a new hero, and he does his best work in his undies.

Brisbane man Daniel McConnell delivered what was dubbed “the Aussiest interview “ as he explained stopping a man from fleeing the scene after allegedly crashing to a mate’s nearby store.

Mr McConnell’s animated account of how he had been awakened by a crash outside his house and his subsequent pursuit of the alleged driver went viral online within hours.

“It has been off its head, partner! “ he said.

The prior showgrounds worker jumped into action about 2am when a car smashed into a fish-and-chip shop on Nudgee Rd, Hendra, in Brisbane’s inner northeast.

“I jumped out of bed and I had (on) was my undies and I walked out front and I have seen the car smashed and I have seen the bloke walking back to the car. And so I have walked out and said, ‘What are you doing, mate? You can not be leaving the scene’.”

Mr McConnell said his decision to pursue the 35-year-old motorist was “only instinct”.

“All I had was me jocks on and I was chasing him up the road and I was like,’mate!’ If I had not have gone and chased him down, partner, they (the store owners) could have been left with a single damn big bill,” he said.

“It is really quite funny, I did not intend on trying to become famous… I just see it since I completed me mates a favour. It’s me mate’s mum’s shop, so what else can you do?”

McConnell reveals more details about his activities in the studio of Channel 7’s “Sunrise”:

Within hours, the online star was stopped in the street by a stranger needing a selfie.

The “top Aussie bloke” cashed in on his newfound fame, using a bidding war between breakfast TV heavyweights Seven and Six to find the undie-clad hero on TV.

Both channels made offers into the thousands for an exclusive.