You’ll Be Laughing aloud While Reading These 205 Pie Comics

John McNamee could be the musician behind Pie Comic, hand-drawn comics that function a dry, sarcastic laughter that hits you difficult within the chuckles. John started attracting Pie Comics back college, and simply never ended. He has since worked for satirical news company ‘The Onion’ and today works for Cartoon system.

Have these experiences impacted Pie Comic? “My Onion experience does come in handy,” John informed united states. “You really have to observe the world and determine what is unusual about any of it to write Onion headlines. We as soon as heard some body explain my laughter as “wry,” and when I googled exactly what meaning, I Was Thinking it sounded about right.”

“we familiar with try to think about a tale and then start attracting it, but I found that my comics had been too predictable like that. Therefore instead, I just began drawing a character doing one thing and view easily might get all of them to end up in bull crap. My number one comedic inspiration is the Simpsons. My understanding of months 2-9 is similar to… strange. I might also reread Calvin & Hobbes comics all summer long. In terms of webcomics, i truly love Poorly Drawn Lines. He’s great at pacing away a tale.”Pie Comics has-been the full time pursuit oftentimes throughout John’s career as a cartoonist, but he finds security in dipping his hand in several ‘pies.’ “Now I’m writing at Cartoon system, therefore I do not update as much,” he explained. “My Patreon works OK in my situation, but it is actually my fault it does not function better. Engagement has not already been a strength of mine. In addition have done work with Mad mag and New Yorker. I guess if I’d have advice, it might be to cobble together numerous revenue channels. You never know whenever an individual usually takes popular, which will protect you from instability.”

and even though many comic musicians and artists use a variety of pc software to produce their particular pieces and upload all of them right to the net, John would rather ensure that is stays old-school. “I draw on bristol board with blue-pencil, then I look at it in and 05 Micron,” he informed united states. “we formulate my boundaries and guidelines with a ruler, then again we ink them freehand. I Believe the wobbily range makes the drawings much more available and reminds you that a person being made them.”


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