Wholesome Genie Makes desires be realized, But He Does It With A Twist

Vietnamese Artist Semi Imes loves to draw, creating breathtakingly stunning pieces in the very own strong and special way. However occasionally, just for enjoyable, he makes ‘dumb comics‘ predicated on a wise and generous genie, and they are showing becoming a big success because of their efficiency and wholesome message.

may seem like Semi can do pretty much any such thing illustration-wise, a review of his pages show a variety of genres and styles, from anime to fan art. “i actually do both standard and digital work, in basic, i really do even more electronic example since I’m a bit lazy with setting up a workplace for old-fashioned art,” he told united states.  “It started out as an interest but today i actually do freelance pictures, character styles, and quite often tattoo styles for customers.”

however for now we are loving the genies! it is maybe not the very first time he’s attempted his hand at comics like this.”I actually make lots of mini comics, but they’re spread around the globe wide web and you will have to dig them up like some godforsaken relic,” he with fun. “As for my spontaneity, I actually don’t have a good solution. Sarcastic pessimism could be the genre for most of my comics, but occasionally We create a reasonable comic that provides folks a smart chuckle.” This will be one of the times! Scroll listed below to check them on yourself, and write to us what you believe into the responses!






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